Open a company in Hungary and get access to the EU single market

  • Cost — from 8000 EUR from 7200 EUR
  • Time frame - 4 months
  • Remote company registration
  • Lowest tax rates in the EU
  • Selection of the economic activity
  • Full legal support

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Advantages of doing business in Hungary

  • Preferential tax rates In Hungary, the corporate income tax is from 9%. This allows owners of Hungarian companies to quickly return investments and pay taxes under the simplified system (EVA), which helps reduce the financial burden on the business.
  • Low prices for renting or buying real estate The cost of renting or buying commercial property in Hungary is one of the lowest in the EU. For example, in Budapest an office of 86 sq.m. costs 170 000 EUR and a 1400 sq.m. factory space costs 259 000 EUR.
  • State support for entrepreneurial activities All types of companies registered in Hungary are entitled to benefits and subsidies according to the type of activity. For example, innovative start-ups and business ideas are financed from the national budget, while tourist agencies, hotels and event organizers are given the opportunity to pay taxes at a reduced rate.
  • Opportunity to obtain residence permit status A foreign citizen who has opened a company in the territory of Hungary and appointed a general director, has the right to obtain a residence permit. This opportunity is also available to individuals who sell their goods and services in the country.
  • Entitlement to subsidies Owners of companies registered in regions of Hungary with a high level of unemployment can receive subsidies from the state on the condition of creating jobs for nationals. The maximum amount of payment per company is 5000 EUR.
  • European standards EU legislation allows to minimize the formalities for registration and business development. Hungary actively implements the European rules of doing business, which contributes to the opening of new companies in the country.

Business benefits of starting a company in Hungary

  • Corporate tax rate — 9 %.
  • Municipal tax rate — 0–2 %.
  • Income tax rate — 11 %.
  • No currency control.
  • Agreements with more than 70 countries on avoidance of double taxation.
  • Low requirements to proof of economic presence and having business partners in the country.
  • Right to use Hungarian and European VAT.
  • Friendly attitude to the founders and directors of the company with foreign citizenship.
  • Affordable cost of opening a company and business support.

Open a company in Hungary to reduce the tax burden on your business

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Promising directions for doing
business in Hungary

  • Туризм
    Tourism Hungary is a country with rich history and ancient architecture visited annually by thousands of tourists from all over the world. On its territory there are about 1300 thermal springs with SPA procedures and various types of massage. Foreign entrepreneur can invest in tourism business in Hungary, as well as get new opportunities to develop activities and increase profits.
  • Электронная и автомобильная индустрия
    Electronic and automotive industry Hungary is popular among foreign investors who are involved in the production of cars. The country has factories of Audi, Suzuki, General Motors, as well as an enterprise for the creation of parts and components for cars Ford. Sales of Audi, Opel and Suzuki products account for 17% of total Hungarian exports. The country also has well-developed electrical and electronics industries. In addition, General Electric, Samsung, Philips, and Electrolux have their production facilities in Hungary.
  • Сельское хозяйство
    Agriculture The agricultural sector of Hungary is 3.6% of the country's total GDP and employs 4.9% of its citizens. The basis of this sector is the cultivation of sugar beet, corn, sunflowers and wheat. The country also develops horticulture, animal husbandry and fish farming. A foreign businessman investing in any of the above areas, can scale its activities in the common market of the EU.
  • Машиностроение
    Mechanical engineering One of the leading spheres of Hungarian economy accounts for 55.8% of the total export of the country. The most developed are agricultural machines, buses, river boats, steel structures, cranes, as well as machine and instrument building. Most of the companies working in mechanical engineering, concentrated in Budapest.
  • Сфера обслуживания
    Service industry The service sector makes up 54.9% of GDP and employs 63.9% of the total working population. The market offers many job opportunities, so foreigners can start a business, create jobs and successfully develop their activities in the EU.

Types of legal entities in Hungary

  • Private limited company

    Individuals and legal entities with Hungarian residence or foreign citizenship can conduct business in this way. The minimum share capital is 3 million Hungarian forints (about 7,000 EUR), but it will not be necessary to deposit the entire amount into the corporate account to open a company. Each participant of the business is financially liable to the established company only within the limits of their investments. The peculiarity of this legal form of business is that restrictions on the transfer of shares must be stipulated in the company's constituent documents. Also, the securities and assets of the company are not transferred to any third parties.

  • Private joint-stock company

    A type of business that involves the issuance and allocation of shares to the founders of the company. These assets are not transferred to third parties, and members of the legal entity are liable up to the amount of shares they own. The minimum authorized capital is 5 million Hungarian forints (about 11,660 EUR).

  • Public limited company

    This legal form of business involves a more complex multi-level structure. The size of the minimum share capital - 20 million Hungarian forints (about 46 650 EUR). Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the company without restrictions can transfer its shares to third parties for sale or subscription. Also the participants of the company have the opportunity to use the assets and securities of the company as part of trading. This type of company is designed for businessmen who want to attract external financing as much as possible.

  • A branch

    This option is suitable for foreign entrepreneurs who plan to take their operating business and develop it in Hungary. In order to establish a branch, the owner needs to obtain registration from the local authorities.


Get full legal support for starting a company in Hungary

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Opening a business in Hungary with the help of iWorld lawyers

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Steps of business registration in Hungary

  • Preparation for starting a company The iWorld migration specialist will help you choose the appropriate form of business organization, type of activity and taxation, as well as the principle of distribution of ownership. In addition, an authorized employee will advise you on how to choose the correct name for your future company.
  • Signing the articles of incorporation The iWorld lawyer will draw up the company formation agreement and other founding documents, which must be signed by all the participants in the business. Also in the contract specify the type of business, the legal address of the company, the number of founders and the amount of start-up capital.
  • Submitting a business registration request An iWorld lawyer will help you to submit your application online to the Hungarian registration court. The company formation request must be made within 30 days after signing the business formation agreement. Individual entrepreneurs have the option of registering themselves on the state's online resource.
  • Formation of dossier for opening
    a national visa D
    The authorized iWorld lawyer will gather all the necessary documents for opening a visa, particularly the address registration, the apostilled diploma with a Hungarian translation and the company's statutes. The specialist will also make an appointment with the consulate to submit the dossier.
  • Submission of the certificate of incorporation You will receive a temporary electronic certificate of business registration and an extract from the register of legal entities within 3 days after submitting your application. After that you will be issued a permanent certificate of incorporation within the next two months. With the help of an iWorld lawyer, you will need to apply for a tax number and company registration from the relevant state office.
  • Opening a corporate bank account iWorld migration specialists will help you choose the right bank for your type of business. They will also prepare a dossier for opening a corporate account that will include your articles of incorporation and certificate of incorporation.
  • Insurance and Personal bank accounts iWorld migration specialists will help you open a personal bank account and take out a single insurance policy that will allow you to receive quality medical care under the mandatory health care system.
  • Paying taxes At the incorporation stage, iWorld will find the right tax system for your company. The corporate tax rate in Hungary is 9%, but this can vary depending on a number of factors. In addition, the company will have to pay tax on capital gains, VAT and dividends. Any commercial activity on the territory of the country is subject to declaration within the legally prescribed time limits.

Service packages that we offer

  • Detailed consultations on each case
  • Comprehensive legal support at all stages
  • Company registration in Hungary
  • Collection and submission of documents for residence permit
  • Personal manager support up to the moment of obtaining a residence permit
8000 EUR 7200 EUR
  • Detailed consultations on each case
  • Comprehensive legal support at all stages
  • Company registration in Hungary
  • Collection and submission of documents for residence permit
  • Personal manager support up to the moment of obtaining a residence permit
  • Registration of address in Hungary for a period of 6 months
  • Rental agreement for legal address for 6 months
  • Accounting support for 1 month
9900 EUR 8910 EUR
  • Detailed consultations on each case
  • Comprehensive legal support at all stages
  • Company registration in Hungary
  • Collection and submission of documents for residence permit
  • Personal manager support up to the moment of obtaining a residence permit
  • Registration of address in Hungary for a period of 12 months
  • Rental agreement for legal address for 12 months
  • Accounting support for 12 month
12 900 EUR 11 610 EUR

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FAQs about starting a company in Hungary

To register a company in Hungary you need to submit a package of documents, including your international and internal passports, diploma and power of attorney to iWorld lawyer (iWorld specialists will help you draw it up).

The entrepreneur can do business in the EU single market without a double tax burden, because the country has a double taxation treaty with many countries, including those that are members of the European Union.

Yes, you have the right to apply for residence status in Hungary on the basis of registering a business in the state.

A resident can use the family reunification program in Hungary. The spouse, minor children and elderly parents first receive a residence permit and then become permanent residents of Hungary in a simplified procedure.

A foreign company, which has been working in the Hungarian market for more than a year, is exempt from double taxation. At the same time, since January 1, 2017, Hungarian law requires businessmen to pay a corporate tax at the rate of 9%. All companies opened in Hungary have to pay VAT (up to 25%), local industrial tax (up to 2%) and income tax (up to 18%).

Register a business in Hungary with a right of obtaining residency!

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